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What Makes a Dope MC in the Eyes of Presidential Powers

It pains me to even feel the need to write a post about this subject.  After over forty years of

October 12, 2014
Presidential Powers on battlezone radio
Presidential Powers Live on Air with DJ Struggle

Tonight! Catch Presidential Powers live on air with DJ Struggle and the team over at WUSB 90.1 at Midnight! Wooo! Checkout Battlezone

October 7, 2014
Sean and Monica
Track 1- Welcome to the White House

As the album began to take shape conceptually, I started to recall all the great albums I grew up listening

August 5, 2014
Presidential Powers New York MC
The Campaign Diaries, Entry 1 – How I turned marijuana into “the Campaign LP”

Track 8 Baseball Seasoned Raps This record was originally written over the instrumental from “Nutmeg” by Ghostface Killah. Writing over

July 22, 2014
presidential powers
Welcome to the Presidential Powers Blog

Welcome to the Presidential Powers Blog! This is just our way of letting you know that additional content is coming soon so

July 17, 2014