The Campaign Diaries, Entry 1 – How I turned marijuana into “the Campaign LP”
by on July 22, 2014 in memoirs

Track 8

Baseball Seasoned Raps

This record was originally written over the instrumental from “Nutmeg” by Ghostface Killah. Writing over any Ghostface beat is always a treat for me, because it instantly accesses some exotic thought pattern part of my brain. I swear Ghost and I share some kind of cosmic ancestors, or spiritual funk, or whatever the fuck, because where as most of my friends can hardly ever even follow what Ghost is talking about, I not only can understand and appreciate it, I am starting to be able to channel his energy on records like this. As far as a traditional rap record goes, this is my personal favorite on “the Campaign LP’ for a couple reasons. First off, Joey Handsome sounds dope as fuck on the hook. I had written out a ton of these baseball player references from the late 80s, and when I was looking for an original beat, saying these outlandish names over the hook parts was proving to be difficult, as most songs aren’t pre-structured for someone saying a series of names rather than a melody. Joe just has a knack for word placement, and once I had settled on the beat, I knew he would be able to execute the hook better than me.

As for this beat, to this day, I can not think of a better “smoke a blunt cruising shit” than this. Super laid back, and NOTHING like a trap-beat, it just screamed CLASSIC to me. I linked up with a dude out of Orlando, Jay Swift, who gave me this and two other tracks that wound up not on this project. Its easily the longest record on “the Campaign” because of how natural and comfortable I felt in this zone. Some of the more fun punch lines on the album are on this record, too. A few…

“armored holster, flavor like an orange soda, the almond rover, my face on the wanted poster, you on the sofa, we ballin out at ponderosa, bottle corona, dominicana dame chocha”

“fast to blow, ya wife is just a trashy hoe, I keep my nuts stuffed in her mouth like a pistachio”

“handin out pamphlets on AIDS, strategize campaigns, cocaine, with a stripper and some grand marinier, never play, presidential residential stay, elementary, you’ll be gone, end of day”

And my personal favorite, “popsicle stick rap, I throw a joke at the end, even though it had flavor, just to give back”

The idea with the names in the hook was to keep with some of the more “infamous” players of the time, such as Pete Rose, Jose Canseco, and Mark McGwire. Coming up as a big baseball fan, I think its kind of funny that the players I was drawn most to were rather villainous in retrospect, and that, in time, I would fashion myself as a kind of “bad guy” as well, except in rap music as opposed to in sports.

Download the Campaign LP right now to listen to Baseball Seasoned Raps.

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