Track 1- Welcome to the White House
by on August 5, 2014 in memoirs

As the album began to take shape conceptually, I started to recall all the great albums I grew up listening to.  For those unfamiliar- to me, the term “great” does not necessarily equate to “most popular”; in regards to hip hop, it is typically the opposite.  “What’s Wrong With Bill” by ILL Bill, “Good Morning” by Cage, even “What Up Gangsta” by 50 Cent… No matter the artist, a strong perspective throughout an album can not be conveyed without a strong introductory record.  I wanted something high octane and fast paced, much like my brain is.

One day, while browsing through one the best hip hop websites in existence,, I stumbled across a gem.  The article was called “Missed DipSet Beat Opportunities” and the author had pulled the fight scene at the end of the arm wrestling classic “Over the Top” starring Sylvester Stallone.  Immediately, I heard this wild guitar riff, and thought, “Fuck, that is a missed Dip Set beat”.  Cam, or Freeky Zeeky, for that matter, wouldn’t dictate my path, though, and I immediately went about downloading the track and sent it over to my boy Duust.

Within a day or so, Duust sent me a loop of the parts I was yammering on about, and we linked up at Gx3 Studios with our main man Gary.  Gary is an absolute wizard with most instruments, and between the keyboards and guitars, “Welcome to the White House” was fleshed out that night.

The Dave Chappelle sample in between verses one and two is a riff off the classic Rick James skit, in which he stomps his grizzly ass boots all up in Eddie Murphy’s new suede couch, while loudly exclaiming, “Fuck Yo Couch, nigga!” I thought this a perfect comparison to the way I would conduct myself in the White House once elected, after lying and glad handing my way into the presidency.  The big reveal would be that you just elected a lunatic, and now the fun begins.  Oh yeah, plus, since white rappers cant say “Nigga” and all rap albums these days necessitate at least three instances of it, I figured having ol’ Dave do my dirty work would be just magical!

As far as lyrics, again, it was meant to be an introductory record, so its standard brag-rap, threat-heavy, with tons of cocaine references.  There are a few gems that I still recall fondly, such as “Finally home, got Monica to polish the dome, Bill Clinton of spittin, Abe Lincoln of poems, 8 drinks in a row, Oval Office, sprinkling blow, unwrinkling doe, pinky ring shimmering gold…” The instant joke there being that in real life my babe’s name is Monica, not unlike Bill Clinton, who also received fellatio from a Monica, as well.  Clearly, my babe blows her out of the water, looks wise, but that’s neither here nor there!

Listen to Welcome to the White House right here! You’re welcome!

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